Great spitballs on the ceiling … someone better come and rescue Nick.
Te house has turned into a forest of little Christmas trees.
And we haven’t seen the kitchen counter for days. A week?
That election and people acting like ham sandwiches. has cost me money.
Because they drove me to Distraction, and I don’t go to Distraction cheaply.
Distraction, South Carolina, is where I go for therapy.
Talk can only go so far. Silence usually serves me better. But I don’t just sit in silence.
I create things. I create my own little world where my fingers and mind are kept busy and the world has to function or not function without me. Function is an “F” word, which is about how I felt about everything. Add an “Off” to the “F” word and you can see my mind’s workings.
Yes, this gal from Norwood knows her swear words.
Instead of curling up into a ball, which would serve no one well, I went to Michael’s and bout treasures/crap, (depending on your point of view), not knowing what I was going to make.
My only clue was that Nick said he didn’t have the energy to deal with a tree.
After 44 years, he still hasn’t learned.
There is more than one way to deal with a Christmas tree.
This morning, I finished my 6th and final tree, (unless I make some really tiny ones that I will send to Munchkins in Oz.)
My fingers are beat up from ripping wire, (hey, anybody have an extra pair of decent wire cutters they want to spend me?)
I’ve brought out the Silicone Glove.
I made the last tree this morning. It is a white one.
So … there you have the tree story.
And there was yesterday!
My daughter, Rachel is visiting. This is her first time to see the house and see what mischief I do down here. So … yesterday, I took her to Ledford’s. I needed fabric for the three chairs that I don’t think I told you about. We got them a couple of weeks ago at Gaston Pickers, in Gastonia, North Carolina. Everything in the booth was 50% off, before negotiating.
There were 3 chairs that were such good deals and we loved them, so we couldn’t pass them by.
This past week, they have been at Rhyne’s Upholstery. I love those gals … mother and daughter. Good, South Carolina real people who work hard, know their craft and are great to visit. The work they do is terrific.
Oh … back to Ledford’s. Tammy was there and I drove her nuts. This was a harder assignment. Three chairs and no fabric matches hit me … at first. Rachel got to witness Tammy and I in action. WE went out to the truck that had just delivered new goods. That is where we found our fabric. Then we had to figure out yardage and where I was going to have what fabric placed where. WE were there about an hour and a half. Oh, I got a great story about some chick getting a Brazilian wax, but it is totally inappropriate for he.
Made my day.
Rachel shook her head quite a bit, watching Tammy and I.
Since Rachel put up with that, she deserved lunch at the Court Street Cafe, where we sat outside and watched cars go around the square.
I was hopped up about the fabric and so I decided to stop by Rhynes and drop o the fabric for the chairs.
Marge was finishing up working son a seat for a 1935 coupe. Yes, they redo cars.
Both Terri and Marge, (I think her name is Marge), wee there and we had a riot of a time. Another woman stopped in and we talked British TV and fabric and Rachel stood there smiling.
After we got in the car, I looked at her and said, “This is my life. It is what I do down here. And that is why I love it.”
I stopped and got gas and then we trotted home, where I went to work on my trees until my fingers and eyes didn’t work.
The good news is that Nick really likes the trees.
Hum, is Valentine’s Day next?
Susan … the person who can’t see the forest for the trees.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Espirational says:

    Love the trees! I’ve been doing some serious cooking therapy. My kitchen counter is covered with cookies. Maybe I should switch to Christmas trees — would be healthier for sure.


    1. Susan DeBow says:

      I am sorry it took so long for me to respond. I have been dealing with a bug.

      I am thrilled you like the trees. So you have been making cookies? That sounds yummy. I love cookies.

      You can do cookies and trees! Thanks for writing and sharing.

      Liked by 1 person

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