Oh Christmas Trees

Boy, am I having fun!
I have a friend that lives around the corner. When I had my gall bladder removed, because I needed a White Elephant Christmas Gift, she made and brought over a delicious quiche.
Another friend brought a delicious risotto dish, and another friend brought flowers.
Wasn’t that nice?
The friend who brought the quiche, just started a new job at the post office. Yessirreebob, she is delivering mail.
She began her new job last week.img_0744
She is working long hours and since it is Christmas season, at least in store scheduling, she works 6 days a week.
I knew she would be tired and so I thought I would return her quiche dish with a meal in it.
Yesterday, I had so much fun with my trees, two trips to Michael’s and a chat with a new neighbor across the street. Nick is out of town for a couple of days, so I was figuring I probably wouldn’t get much socialization.
But I was wrong. First of all, I had a good time with the Micahel’s checkout gals. Then, I took Winston for a walk and the new neighbor caddy-corner from us, was out, so we got to chat.
That was a pleasure.
Then I came inside and made shrimp and scallop scampi.
It is a great, easy dish that is delicious. I got the recipe from Pinterest and then, of course, I changed it up a bit.
My system is still out of whack from the gb surgery. I guess removing and inward and having someone’s hands play moving your liver around, takes longer to get over than getting a crown. So, I have been in a learning curve.
In other words, I wasn’t hungry.IMG_0739.jpg
I did taste one shrimp and one scallop and it was delicious.
I made rice noodles, the kind you use making Pad Thai, and then put the shrimp, scallops and sauce, over the rice noodles and stirred it around. I have made this before, sans scallops, so I know it is tasty.
I put two servings of that in the quiche dish, texted my friend, who was still working, and mentioned I had dinner for them and if she wanted to stop by on her way home, that would be great.
How nice that she came in, took her shoes off and visited. I think she enjoyed unwinding a bit.
She, like me, loves to create and make things. She has pretty much set up her garage with her saws and woodworking things. She redoes furniture, makes a bench if she needs it and, also, gets a kick out of seeing things others make.
I showed her my little trees and then we sat and laughed and chatted. Winston loved having company, and sat next to my friend so he could get petted. He then got his toys out and was happy to have chatter around him.
About an hour after my friend went home, I got a text telling me how good the scampi was. Phew.
I returned the risotto dish simply with 3 Clementine oranges! The oranges were so tasty that I thought they would be enjoyed.img_0734
I still have to do something for the people who gave me the flowers. I have to ponder what that will be.
Instead of being lonely yesterday, it turned out to be a lovely day. Winston and I finished our evening by watching a movie on how the Boston Globe broke the story of the priests who diddled with little kids. Some people.
Oh, we also watched the idiot from “The Real Housewives of Orange County” call each other everything but a rabid-spewing, deranged, flared nostril, butt-stinking horn-toad.
Yes, I feel much better about myself.
Anyhow, the 3rd tree is finished. Winston goes to the vet today. It is really foggy outside. I think it is real fog and not smoke from wildfires.
Oh, it has been two months now since I have eaten gluten and gave up sugar. My jeans about fell off yesterday, when I was walking Winston. My joints are much better since doing this. I think not eating gluten and sugar helps my arthritis.
So … it is still one day at a time … one step in front of the other. One decision at a time.
And now, to the wreath portion of the program.
Have a good one.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. lulu says:

    Here you are readying for Christmas and I haven’t even done Thanksgiving yet. Maybe today I’ll get started. Has it been hard to give up gluten and sugar? I keep thinking about it but haven’t had the willpower yet.


    1. Susan DeBow says:

      Hi Lulu.

      I sort of skipped Thanksgiving decorating and marched into Christmas because I wanted to make little trees. There are no rules!

      In certain ways it has been difficult to give those things up, but, you retrain your mind. I will see if it is worth it and then make decisions for the future.

      Thank you for writing.



  2. Anonymous says:

    Wow, you. Have nice neighbours. It’s good to know they watch out for you. I love the three trees. I gave away all my decorations last year because I just didn’t feel like fooling with them. But I see your pretty trees, and I wish I could make one. Where did you find instructions, or did you just dream them up, you creative lady? Glad to know you are able to take a walk. You should be able to eat well soon.


    1. Susan DeBow says:


      We do have very nice neighbors. We are all new to the neighborhood.

      You can’ make some nice decorations or pick up just a few Christmas ornaments and hang them on strings from your lights. Or just get a strand of little Christmas lights. Do something “little” instead of thinking you have to do something grandiose.

      I made up the trees. Styrofoam cones are the base. Add your desire to cover them.


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