It Was Fun To Be An American Today

Yes, the campaign was full of rancor, vitriol, half-truths, tattle-tailing and, yes, you know the drill.
But this morning, when I was in an unbelievably long line at the polls, it was a great and fun day to be an American.
When I got into that long line, I was giddy. All of the angst, luckiness and drool I have gone through this election cycle went away.
I was in line to VOTE!
Maybe neither candidate was my choice, or perhaps one outshone the other, but today it was not Hillary’s day or Donald’s day.
It was my day.
This was our first South Carolina vote. And I have never been in a line like this.
In Ohio, we might have had to wait ten minutes to vote … at the longest. But today? I happily waited an hour and fifteen minutes, surrounded by people who had crawled out of their jimmies, left their morning oatmeal and scrambled eggs, were on their way to work or the gym or to the grocery, and made a conscious effort to vote, which, in our system of government, is the way we make our voices heard.
There have been few political signs in this area. Some local candidates have signs scattered around, but on the national scene, people have been keeping their decision close to their vest.
I spoke to a woman who had a Southern drawl that dripped sweet tea and kudzu pudding. She had never seen anything like this. And guess what … we saw people we knew! Yes, we are beginning to meet enough people that we can exchange pleasantries while waiting in line to vote. Of course, down here, you don’t have to know the person you speak to, and sometimes that is even sweeter. There are usually no mentions of hemorrhoids or gall bladder surgeries in a little courtesy discourse.
Many noses were in iPhones, but reception was poor, so talking to your neighbor was a dandy way to pass the time.
And everyone was respectful. In a certain way, it appeared that most of us just wanted this over, like getting that root canal out of the way,
but we were buoyed by each other. WE were this country today. It was not the folks in Washington or state capitals. We were the stars of today.
And the hope for tomorrow.
The media leads people to believe that they hold all of the power. And they do yield power to their own devices.
But you know what? So do we.
As much as I have feared that we have become a country that lays down and plays dead and is defeated, if what I saw this morning is any indication, this country is still alive.
There is a silent and not so silent majority that has been chomping at the bit to finally, make their voices heard. Is it the Democrat silent majority? A Republican one? Independent?
I really haven’t a clue. I have no clue how the people in line were going to vote for.
But today … that didn’t matter to me. The fact that they cared enough to get out and do it, was enough.
Long live our democracy and the people who make it work on a daily basis … most often without the glory, honor, respect, that they all deserve.

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