Sun Glow and the Truth

In life, many things are seen indirectly.
I say that as I sit at my desk and look out my window onto the side of the house across the street whose side is glowing with the morning sun.
It isn’t the sun I am seeing, but the light reflection.
To follow that light to its source would involve me searching for it as it is hidden behind another house. I think it likes to play hide and seek, just as truth does.
The truth often hides behind shrouds and curtains. It wends its way around corners and come to forks in the road. The truth is often the road less traveled.
None of us want to call ourselves liars.
But everyone I know is or has. But here is a question … if you tell little “white” lies, does that make you a liar? Are there different levels of lying? Is keeping quiet, sometimes, a lie in itself? Is there really such a thing as a half-lie or a little lie?
I lie.
I prefer not to, and try not to, for the most part. Sometimes I do it intentionally, and other times, I feel as if it is the better choice. You see, I didn’t say that I didn’t have a choice. I said that I think it might be the better choice.dsc_5464
There are times when I have debated telling the truth when I wanted not to. I was afraid, because if you aren’t sure of yourself and what you are saying, or if you are very sure of yourself and what you are saying, there can be repercussions.
Maybe it isn’t the truth itself, that we are afraid of. It is the repercussions.
When I was younger, I feared the repercussions more. Now, I have been around the neighborhood a few times and know that the fear of the repercussion is not as bad as our preconceived notion of that the response will be.
And I know how to deal with angry, disappointed or hurt people, now.
I didn’t back then.
So,as I have gotten older, or aged or matured, or whatever you want to call it, telling the truth comes easier to me.
I also deal with truth better. I want to be told the truth.
But I also know that people look at things differently, so is my truth the same as your truth? Does one truth trump another truth? Are there “good” lies and “bad” lies?
There are some things that I have lied about and will continue to lie about.
I lie about my weight. For those who really need to know, they make me hop on a scale. I can’t tell you how many times I lied about my weight on my driver’s license. I think it got stuck at 165.
Most other things, I am honest about, as far as information about myself.
There are also times when I am conflicted about what the truth is or if the truth is the whole story. Some truths are not yes and no answers, as the courts would have you answer.
Here is one for you … if you tell your kids there is a Santa Claus, Easter Bunny and they can become anything they want in life, does that make you a liar?
This election has brought me to thinking about his. Oh, Rotten Raisins, you say … please don’t bring up this tawdry, asinine election.
But I must.
Each candidate purports to be telling the America People, which, I think they are talking about you and me, that he or she is telling the TRUTH! Just got to their website to see their fact-checking.
The word “truth” is being bantered around as the gold standard.
The trouble is, at least for me, is that I don’t trust either of them to know what the truth is, at least the real truth, or, my truth.
Numbers, facts, history, it all can be skewed to tell a different story and to reach a different conclusion, or “truth.”
So throwing that word out there means nothing to me. It is used as a sword. If you look at a cup of water that is filled with water to the middle, there are two truthful answers. The cup is half-full and half-empty.
One cup, two truths.
Where truth is important to me, is in my writing. I try to be as truthful as I can in writing what is in my head and heart. Is what I say and how I look at things everybody’s truth? No. It is mine. But I can’t promise that my memory hasn’t warped or skewed and good granite, I can certainly exaggerate for effect.
So, that is what I am thinking about this morning.
Oh, I am thinking about writing a piece on how the media has destroyed America. Because, I think it has played a huge role in where our country and the world is today.
So, Winston is asleep behind my chair. Nick is working in his office. And the sun has risen above the rooftops of the houses.
Maybe its light will help me see and know what really is true.

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