Changing Tides

Day 6
I am going to let you in a dream of mine. I have had it for many years.
Remember in the movie, “Forrest Gum,” when Gump runs across the country, again and again, and someone asks him, “Are you running for world peace?”
Gump answers, “I just felt like running.”
It isn’t that I want to run, although I still have visions of me dashing up the hill to the house on Moundcrest.
I simply want to enjoy walking.
I want to see places in the distance, meadows or fields … rolling knolls, valleys … and feel like walking. Not trudging, but walking like of step, looking at the great earth around me, not counting steps or measuring distances.
There has been a part of me that through my fat and out of shape years, I have wanted to be able to feel like I am a trekker in this life, not a potato.
There are swatches of land in Ireland, on the Beara Peninsula, that I would love to walk, trails where I start at the beginning and see the end. When I was in England by myself many years ago, doing stories on food in the English countryside, I ate my way around.
But, oh, how I wish I could walk
You know those people you see with their walking poles, khaki pants and caps? I want to be one of them.
There were times that I wanted to walk across Ohio.
Just walk and see things and talk to people and … dream.
Instead, I ate too much. Sat too still. Got “writer’s butt.”
Yes, there have been periods when I have been in good shape, but I never was a walker. I didn’t it because I should.
I was better in the water.
Most of the time while in Italy, I thought about food and not getting killed while driving in Florence. Walking was the mode of getting to the next meal.
I love good food.
But that is no excuse for what I have done … disrespected my body for the instant pleasure of food.
This isn’t beating myself up … it is simply the truth. Until you deal with the truth, it is difficult to make the necessary changes.
Maybe it isn’t that I really want to just “walk” those places I mentioned. I think I want to fly … one more time in my life, I want to get the wind, the momentum behind me and soar.
For too long I have let an imbalance of food and not moving, control my dreams.
With each step I take and every thoughtful decision I make to turn this little habit around, I heal myself.bwhorse
One step. One pound. One positive thought. One more feeling of joy.
Those are my baby steps. They are my building blocks.
You know, I am a very visual person. I have pictured certain events, successes, if you will, in my life.
If I focus on age being a number, my visions become clouded. So, I have changed that. I am now 43. I have dreams and goals and visions of what my life CAN be.
Will my visions become reality?
Who knows?
But instead of hanging out and hanging on to the end, I plan to stay in the game of life and be who I want to be.
Yes, the tide, it is a-changing.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Tom Borin says:

    Outstanding post you go Susan ROCK ON. !!!!



    1. Susan DeBow says:

      Hi Tom,

      Thank you so much for the nice comment. I am late to seeing my comments. I apologize for being tardy in response.

      I enjoy your comments.



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