To Our Health


Good health has eluded me for too long. Or, shall I say, I eluded it.

I don’t like moaning and groaning about what is or what isn’t … unless it ends with a good laugh. So, this won’t be a moan and groan page.

As I have written on my page, “My South Carolina Life,” I have come to my, let’s call it, the gall bladder hit the fan, moment. Or, it cloud be called the “Fatty Liver” moment. Or as I inadvertently wrote the other day, “The Farty Luver Club.”

I am 64.5 years old. That is a lot of pizzas and potato chips and potato salad and cookies, along with what I thought were healthy foods.

I had the attitude that, crud, we are all going to die and so I am going to eat what I want. Partly, because I love food. But it is also because I have found dieting to be stressful.

My come to proteins moment came when I met the surgeon and the resident about my gall bladder.

I have hated to go to the doctor because I didn’t want to step on the scale, which was always, to me, an indicator that, for this particular segment of my life, I was a loser.

And I am not a loser. I work hard, am a pretty good citizen and decent person, but society isn’t kind to people with any sort of “weakness,” which many people think is the case for overweight people.

So, society’s expectations and stigmas were not enough to make me make changes. The media and these politicians love to discuss discrimination.

You want discrimination?

Be an overweight person. Worse yet, be overweight and older.

So … for my health, I decided that I am not going to take this sitting down.

After talking to my surgeon and listening to her talk about the role nutrition and exercise play in our lives, I have decided to make changes and focus on my health.

My brain is good, my emotional state is good, spirituality … I am on that path … but physically? Not so much.

But that tide is turning and I am hoping you will join me on this walk.

Yes, walk. Because I plan to be off my buttocks and walking and eating my way to better health.

We can share stories. Quite a few of my readers/friends, who gather at “My South Carolina” page, have mentioned to me that they feel alone in their weight and health struggles. Well, they don’t need to feel alone anymore.

As one reader pointed out, “We all have our issues.”

But what I am here to say is … we all have each other.

So … in the spirit of sharing, lifting each other and ourselves up, I made this page.

I will share my walk toward heart … the good, the missteps and the hardships.

I am studying and will share what I learn.

Me? I am trying to limit gluten, because my doctor suggested I try that. From what I am reading, it seems to be a good idea.

I am three days in. For three days, I have eaten thoughtfully. I have also walked. Not far, but I got off my butt.

If you feel like going me, I will be here. It should be interesting, entertaining and fun.

We can do it! Let’s do something good for ourselves and each other. In this world of turmoil and disingenuousness, we can be our own shining lights.

Tomorrow, I will share my little recipes that I have made this weekend. Feel free to share your story, tips and recipes.

We will get healthy. We will enjoy our lives. We will be strong.

And we can do it together.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Sandra Ingram says:

    Looking forward to joining you on this healthy adventure.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Susan DeBow says:

    You are with us! Together … we will!


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