The Narrative

The word has been hijacked. Plain and simple, the politicians and anyone who deals with spin, have hijacked a wonderful, “writerly” word.

If I hear one more commentator/pundit/spokesperson use the word “narrative” in their discourse, I might, well, narrate a paint-ball attack.

It isn’t about truth. It isn’t about facts, which, anymore, can’t even be trusted, and it isn’t about what is real … it is about the narrative.

What is “the narrative?”

Defined, “narrative” is a story or account of events, experiences, or the like, whether true or fictitious.

Therein lies the problem.  Narration can be full of real stories and facts, or it can take misinformation, lies and half-truths, and weave them into manipulative narratives, or stories.

Writers do it all of the time.

Now, without disclosure, politicians and the media are doing it, too.

As a literary tool, narrative is huge. It takes events and happenings, thoughts and feelings, and give evidence of point of view. It tone, narrative can be melodic, harsh, witty, serious. It can be tight or loose goose, rambunctious or refined.

But how it is being used today, is cheapening the word.

It is being used by shills. It is being used to pull people in or tear them apart, often, without honesty. It is being used to manipulate. Politicians and the media are in bed with each other on this. Instead of using the word, “spin,” which is distasteful, the blowhards have hijacked our beautiful writer’s tool.

If we are to make up our own narratives, as politicians, some fat eat media and political handlers do, let me say this: My story is that I am a former beauty queen from Lithuania, who grew up milking coconut trees, while doing the hula. My parents were goats named Maxine and Stuart, who had food fights and farting contests. y only goal in life was to become president of the United States, and if I am elected, there will be no taxes, health insurance and a free week at the Mayo Clinic, once a year, dogs would marry sheep and everyone would live in peace and hominy.


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