Sketching Out Life

They are a mix of mouse and rat. But much more benign.
It has been a while since I felt drawn to do a sketch to paint. This one is basically my coloring book as it has heavy lines and a predetermined sense of how it will go. Except the colors. I won’t do those until my mind tells me which paint to pick up.
There are times when I use no sketch, just pick a color and a point on a paper or canvas, and just go with it, leave the pattern to whimsy and figure things out as I go.
Both methods are fun, although, I must ay that having my sketch and going from there is easier.
But there is something that is exciting and challenging to have that blank canvas to look at and see where it takes you.
What I have learned is that life and its creative disciplines and thought processes, cross paths. Part of the reason I decided to try to paint about nine years ago, is that I wanted to see if I could use the thought process of writing, in another discipline.
I had never been a painter. I had a sit-down with my brain and said, brain, let’s try something new.
That was the point. What I found, at least in what I have done and in the art that I do, is that technique can be learned. I googled, youtube, looked at books, went to museums, and opened my eyes to painting, just as I had done when I learned and practiced photography.
Photography is base on light. Writing, for me, was based on learning how ti think and using my ear, and painting was using my imagination and learning how to take what I see in my head, and translate it into painted stories.
None of which happened overnight.
I am winding myself up right now because today, I am going to write out my talk to give to the students Friday at Norwood High School.
My actual “speech” is not what I am writing now, but whet I have in my mind, is that I am going to give the students my writing … on paper.
Because I am a writer and I think it is important to let them see how what I say on the stage translates into the written word, and if I am worth my salt, their lives.
When I get their words written, I will share them with you so you can get a sense of what I am up to.
Why, again?
Because I feel that when I take that a stage Friday, I am taking each of you with me. I have learned from you and I think we have butyl a dandy team here … of thought, conscience, respect and kindness. And that is a big part of what I want to pass on to them.
The words I write will be about them and who they are and choose to be, but they will be coming from us.
I am simply representing a body of people who have done what we think we should have done, tried to live up to the standards of society, laughed, loved and grieved … and yes, screwed-up.
So … my task is at hand. I have thought about this for months, maybe years, without even knowing who would be the audience or where that venue would be.
Wish me luck. I have to focus and channel and pray I don’t end up sounding like Howdy Doody.
Later Taters,

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