Norwood … People Helping People

Good morning,
I remember the feeling I had after 9-11. I was ready to go join the Army. Maybe, not the Army, Army, because I’d die on the first day of training camp, but I was wishing there was something good I could do for my country.
It was also a terrific time for our leaders to rise to the occasion and lead our country to better things.
We were basically told that if we didn’t continue to go shopping, the terrorist would have won.
That wasn’t the message I was looking for and I remember thinking what a missed opportunity it was, not to rally our citizens to engage in discussions, dialogue, and perhaps, a movement, to solidify our nation as one people, undivided by race, religion, class, etc.
It was a missed opportunity in history.
I am thinking about Norwood, Ohio, as I write this.
No, it wasn’t an outside, human force of hatred that caused your destruction this past Sunday. It was nature.
I have been reading the Norwood Flood of 2016 FB page, and my heart filled with good thoughts and hope. There are so many people who are helping each other in these hours of need.
Yes, I have heard that there is a bit of humans being humans, but for the most part, y’all are going above and beyond.
As I said, yesterday, I don’t know of the political climate or powers that be in Norwood.
But what do know, even from a distance, is that with your wounds open and raw, and with people’s hearts and minds and bodies being ready, willing and able, now might be a grand time for the leaders and citizens of Norwood to use this natural disaster as an opportunity to become a better, stronger, healthier, community.
Just like after 9-11, when we, as a country, were shaken to our core,
Norwood is going to have raw emotions for a long time.
It would be so easy to “just go shopping,” as was told to us after 9-11, or you could think, really think … and set aside political differences and personal gain, and open yourselves to a vision of an even better town.
I may not live there, but I know there are problems. It is a city. Every city has problems. You, who live in Norwood know your problems. From heroin addiction to financial issues to tolerance, the same problems so many cities and towns deal with, maybe, just maybe, with what has happened, the time is now to extend the feelings of help and goodwill, to work together on these problems.
I have read wonderful stories on the Norwood Flood of 2016 FB page. Many, have brought me to tears and the same feelings I had when I read of good deeds and courage and generosity after 9-11.
Now is the time to harness that energy, can-do attitudes, community pride and love, to give Norwood an even brighter tomorrow.
Harness the energy and force that nature had with her destruction, and put it to good use.
Yes, I am sure you are exhausted, and the work of cleanup is not done, but it is time to plant the seed in your minds. I know that is what I do when I am working hard. I get visions of what things can be.
You are doing yourselves proud, Norwood friends. Keep up the good work … and dream and plan a better tomorrow for our beloved hometown.

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  1. lulu says:

    This is what we should do more of.


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