Decorating and Playing House

Monday Morning … Playing House.

Moved my porcelain table from my office to the window wall in the great room. The tablecloth is from one of my Ireland trips and the enamel cups, saucers and platters were a gift. IMG_8123

The floors were from Public. Three for $12.00. I got two bouquets out of them and they will last two weeks.

I am starting to work on our bedroom. This is the chaise/ottoman that was a used frame from Ledford’s Fabric. They rebuilt the whole seat and upholstered it. They did a wonderful job. Between Rhynes and Ledfords, I am set. The bedspread is a handmade Amish quilt from Holmes County. I had it made over 25 years ago and have had it put away, like fine china. I figured its time has come.

I haven’t done the walls yet. Bit by bit.

Off to look for an old tablecloth ate High Cotton in Clover.

We are having so much fun repurposing furniture.

There was a time when all I wanted was new. New was the thrill. Now we want things that have a sense of history, stories.

Everything in life … the good, bad and they ugly … is about the story.


Oh, bacon for breakfast. IMG_8119

Have a good day.

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  1. Teresa says:

    I get not doing walls yet. I may never do walls where I live now.


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