Here, There , to Get a Chair

Um Doggies …
I received a call yesterday from my gals at Rhynes Upholstery in Clover. Remember when, a couple of months ago, I mentioned that Nick and I had found this little burg named, Sharon, SC, while out moseying.
I bought two chairs there … old desk chairs. They were $5.00 each.
There was something about them that I loved. We are into buying and repurposing things instead of buying new … on many things, at least.
We took them to my gals at Rhynes, a mother and daughter,, who for years and years have worked on upholstery from there big old garage. They are the ones that told me about Ledford’s Fabrics in Lincolnton, which is one of my favorite places, whether I need anything or not.IMG_9500.jpg
I knew it would be a while before they could get to the chairs. Would you believe they restore car interiors, too? They are incredible.
I love to watch them work. It takes a lot of strength and gumption to do what they do. They are very skillful.
This morning, I wanted to get out a bit, run some errands and celebrate the fact that National Phlegm dDay seems to be over. I guess it was replaced with National Dog Day.
I just love even pulling onto the gravel drive that leads to their garage.
My two chairs were in the front of the garage … all ready to go. Nick has to work today, so I said we would pick them up tomorrow. But, boy-oh-boy … do they look nice.
I took some snaps to show you.
Then, I drove down the side street that has that old building that I like to see. This time, I got out to take photos. I so want to get close to it but am afraid of snakes, so …
While shooting a few photos, a woman on a bike came by and I said hi and asked her if she knew anything about this building.
“No, not really,” she said, but then added,” Go talk to the people at the furniture store around the corner. They owned this block.”
Well, one thing led to another and before long, the woman and I were chatting away. After a couple of minutes of chat, I told her that I was from Ohio. She scrunched her nose and said, “Ohio. You don’t seem like you are from Ohio. You are friendly.”
That cracked me up.IMG_9516
She lost her husband of 47 years, two years ago, to cancer.
A life-long resident of Clover, she had thought about moving away after her husband passed. But she decided to stay here. It is home. But she misses her husband so, that she is still trying to adjust.
Before long we were talking about church, as she asked me if I attended one.
She is a Godly woman, her faith is worn on her lips … hopes and dreams. She said it is what has gotten her through this time.
She and her husband didn’t have children, but she says she doesn’t miss not having them.
“Some people wonder who will take care of them when they are old, if they don’t have kids,” she said. “I know the Lord will.”
We were near a corner where the Presbyterian Church is across the street from the Reformed Presbyterian Church is. I mentioned it seems that there are a lot of reformed from the reformed church down here. It is for t of like the six degrees from Kevin Bacon scenario.
She let me know her thoughts about the Presbyterian Church versus the Reformed Church. My ears were wide open.
Don’t you just love a little church judgement?
I happened to have a couple of “My South Carolina Life, cards with me. Yes, I got calling cards for “My South Carolina Life.”
I gave her a couple, though she said she doesn’t have a computer.
“If you ever get lonely and want to ride around the back roads with me,” I said, “Give me a call.
We chatted a bit more about how her husband sat up and his eyes opened wide, when he died.
You know, typical things that strangers talk about.
We bid adieu. Whether she calls or not, I don’t know. Either way is fine.
James Taylor looked at me as if it was the first time I had been in his shop.
Egad. I made it a quick stop because it really smells like mildew.
Then I hit the Mater Man. No tomatoes were outside, so I knocked on his door. He told me to come in, so I did. His wife was sitting in the living room perusing her computer.
Mater Man lifted his couple of trays of small tomatoes. The season is winding down. I got about 8 smaller tomatoes for $1.50. Hi introduced me to his wife and said I was the lady with the blog. I asked if they had been able to find it.
“Yes,” they both said.IMG_9513
Mater Man’s wife said, “It was interesting.”
I said, “Thank you,” a bit unsure what was meant by, “interesting.”
A couple of minutes later, I was out the door and on the way to Public, where they are the nicest folks, too, and give you a sample slice of whatever cheese or lunch meat you order.
It was really good to get home as it is wicked hot and gunky air.
And that is how it is in Clover … where all of the men have their flies zipped and the women cross their legs at the ankles.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Judy says:

    Those chairs are beautiful. Tell those ladies how much their work is admired, please.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Susan DeBow says:

      I did tell them, this morning, when I picked up the chairs. Thanks, Judy


  2. Teresa says:

    Beautiful chairs! Beautiful story! Beautiful life! Love you!


    1. Susan DeBow says:

      Thank you. I really like them. Terry did a great job on them.


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