The Tanner Triplets and the Olympic Dream

The Tanner triplets were born three weeks apart.

Lucy, the blonde, was born first and lived up to her entrance as the first triplet to do everything … smoke, drink, and run away from home with the Music Man.

Dolores, who was bon seven days after Lucy, was born with one foot 6-inches shorter than the other. It was difficult for her to walk in a straight line, but she could walk in perfect circles.

Mari was not ready to make her entrance into the world until three weeks to the day after her first site was born. She is still stubborn. Mari was know in many truck stops along the I-75 corridor.

Mari had always wanted to be a synchronized swimmer in the Olympics. She nagged poor Lucy and Dolores for twelve years. Finally, just to get her to be quiet, (plus, they were feeling sorry for Mari because she was going through her fifth divorce), the Turner Triplets joint the YMCA.

They never quite made it to the Olympics, do to Dolore’s untimely hysterectomy, but they were signed to perform eight shows a week at Flamingo Swim Club and Marina in Pensacola, Florida.

And miracle of miracles, a shark bit Dolore’s longer leg, and now with the difference being only an inch, she is no longer walking in circles!

You can read about the shark attack in Reader’s Digest’s, “Drama in Real Life,” section.Tanner Triplets

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  1. Judy says:

    If you ever went into therapy, I bet you’d make that doctor earn his money.


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