Chilling in Clover

It’s a quiet night in Clover. Nick is going to spray weeds. I just threw away spent geraniums and three pots. Folks, the stuff is dead. It has been a learning curve for flowers. Next year is a do-over.

It was a different day. I had to go to a meet and greet for a new family doctor. That is one of the difficult parts of moving. That and having insurance changes and finding out nothing is covered. This is the first time in my life that I have put off going to a doctor because of the expense. I guess I am lucky that it has taken this log for this to happen.

Enough said.

The good news is the doctor and all of the people I met were as nice as can be. The friendliness and courteousness of everyone I have met in my South has been better than the sweetest of barbecue sauces. I am very used to “Yes Ma’am” and having everyone hold doors open for each other.

It was pretty funny. The nurse, whose name was “Johnny,” a young gal, started to ask me a question about something and then she cut herself off and said, “Nah, you’re too young for that.” Oh, it was the pneumonia shot.

I haven’t heard that I was “too young” for quite a while.

The doctor was very nice. I felt I needed to explain the stupid looking little combs in my hair. I am trying to grow out my bangs and you know that in-between stage, where you look like a goose, whose head has been sucked into a Hoover? Well, between that and the roots, (which aren’t getting retouched until I go back to Cincinnati Sept. 14) … I look like a he-ha. When she gave me a shot in my knee, I did point out that I had shaved my legs for her.

“You won’t believe how many women come in for a Pap smear and tell me they shaved their legs,” the doctor said.

I think she is younger than my kids. If I ask her who Mary Tyler Moore is, she will probably stare at me. Once, I asked my gynecologist if all women look the same down there.

He almost spit out his liver.

I just like to ask questions.

I have lots on my mind about this political stuff, so I watched, “The Great British Baking Show.”

Tomorrow, I might try to make a sponge cake. The English always love their sponge cakes. I might make a Victoria sponge.

I would like to try to make puff pastry, like they did on the show tonight. I attempted it once and caught the oven on fire. Yessirreebob. good thing I had a fire extinguisher.

Had to get a new stove.

Sometimes, I am an idiot.

And I hope you have a good night.


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