Politics , Our National Scourge

I am going to walk on treacherous ground. It is filled with sink holes, pot holes, great divides, wrong turns and no outlets.

I am talking about the future of our country, The United States of America. Our political system is failing us.

What I see happening before me is foreboding. Yes, it is the system that has functioned for over two-hundred years in this great democracy.

Except the democracy has been blighted. It isn’t about democracy.

It is only about politics.

It has been blighted by corruption, party allegiance, greed, power, sociopathic behavior, lies, more lies, deceit and hominy.

Yes, I there in hominy. I just don’t like hominy.

I have listened to some of both parties conventions. I read what both sides have to say. And I must say that I am sickened. By both.

I feel slapped and insulted by all of this. I am also at the point of despair for our country.

Because two people want to win this election, they are not only ripping each other down, but train us apart, too. Their rhetoric, if you can call it that, tries to label each of us. If you don’t believe in them and their way of operating, you are being told that YOU don’t care, are stupid, and want this country to fail.

I do care. I think YOU care. But neither of the two candidates are speaking for me. If this country is so great, how has it come to the point that most people feel like they are going to vote for the lessor of two evils?

Is this the best we can do?

Is this the system or the people this country has created?

We have one candidate whose sole purpose for the adult years of her life, has been to run for president, and in doing such, is so entrenched in her own doctrine and desire to build her power, that she has lost sight of right and wrong.

The other candidate is a temper tantrum throwing toddler. If I were his mother/wife/child … friend, I would have done what I did to my kids if we were in a store and they were being impudent. I’d grab them under the fleshy part of their underarm, p[lace my finger tips there and dig with enough pressure that they walked, high-stepping it with me, out the door, where they would have been told in no uncertain terms that, “You do NOT act like that.”

Neither of these candidates deserve to be president of the United States, if we are truly looking for an honorable, trustworthy, knowledgeable person to lead this country and, possibly, the world, in these dangerous times.

If we elect Hillary, in my heart, I feel as though lying and cheating and disregard for the law, is honored. And that isn’t to say that everything Hillary has done is bad. But she has left a trail that, at the least, asks the question about integrity and judgement. From Benghazi to missing emails done on a rather clandestine system, and her responses to both, cause me to question. There is more of a trail of failure to her pursuits than there are victories, (health care reform, the Middle East, Iran, development of ISIS, while Secretary of State, etc.). And the Clinton Foundation, exorbitant rates for speeches and the appearance of pay-for-play access to power.

And then there is Trump.

I, like many Americans, wanted a fresh face, not a permanent candidate. For about fifteen minutes, Trump seemed like an option.

Until he opened his mouth. And spend his mouth. Put not only his foot in his mouth, but also his whole leg. I found myself rooting for Trump to doe well, just for Ivanka!

Not that I agreed with him, either, but someone not entrenched in the political cronyism would have suited me fine.

Whereas Clinton has had her political failings, Trump has had his success and failures on a different stage. The business stage. But being president is about much more than making deals.

But how he acts is, to me, petulant, immature, mean and sociopathic. He simply doesn’t or is unwilling to learn. He is a bull in a china shop. And I love my teacups too much to have them broken by someone who is more suited to stand-up comedy, than diplomacy.

There is a part of me that wanted to believe that Trump might be able to talk to world leaders one-on-one and bring accord. But there is no trial period for the president. And it seems that all Trump wants to do is “counterpunch” and “hit” people back, instead of building any kind of bridge.

So, I am sickened.

And here is another reason why.

I don’t think it is ever going to get better. There are too many things in the mix. Media. Journalism has lost its way … its purpose. Instead of reporting news with objectivity, they have succumbed to the power game, too. Almost everyone has an agenda.

The cost to run for the presidency is astronomical.

You basically do have to have an ego the size of Trump or Clinton, and the Teflon skin to withstand the constantly smacking spatulas.

The two-party system no longer helps people. It alienates people. Our society and its problems are beyond the triteness of the “party platform.”

I’d say that most of us are not totally “liberal” or are whole-heartedly “conservative,” in our thinking, but a mixture of both.

Most Americas do care about the poor, the uneducated, the out of work, the underdog. Because we see different ways to address these issues doesn’t make us stupid or uncaring.

We, as Americans, feel the responsibility to vote, to speak our voice, but so many of us fell as though no one hears us. Trump only hears himself and Clinton hears the ghosts of her past.

This election is going to be a real gut-check. And I am afraid that after I vote, I might go throw up.






6 Comments Add yours

  1. Teresa says:

    I’ll be joining you in the next stall, throwing up because of what I voted for – or against – and thinking of what is to come for our country.


    1. Susan DeBow says:

      We will all wretch together.
      Thank you, Teresa.


  2. lulu says:

    You have lots of company when it comes to wondering how we’ve come to such an unpalatable election. With 2 not so good choices, I’m going to hold my nose and vote for the person I think will be the least harmful.


    1. Susan DeBow says:

      Hi lulu. Yes, many of us will vote wearing gas masks. And maybe, we are all wrong and whoever gets in will do a fine job. I really hope that will be the case. Thank you for writing.


  3. COL Steve Ritz, USA (Ret) says:

    SUSAN – I totally agree with your tome re. “the lesser of two evils”, however, after having spent twenty-eight years defending our right to choose our Commander-In-Chief (which we have not had for at least eight years, perhaps longer), and facing the imminent possibility of a race war and creeping, blatant Socialism, I am at a complete loss as regards how to right the ship of state. Our parents, yours and mine, handed us the country on a silver platter, but, somehow, we screwed it up beyond all comprehension. I’m an old soldier, as you know, but I grieve for my children and granchildren, and can only hope that they are intelligent enough to discern what is right and just, and to stay the course to return us to our rightful place among the nation-states of this world. I still retain my faith in the rightousness of the United States of America and pray that our future generations will have the gumption and intelligence to correct the chaotic mess in which we now find ourselves. GOD BLESS AMERICA – we need all of the help that we can get! Thank you for providing a forum on which I can vent my frustrations and disgust re. our country’s current state.


    1. Susan DeBow says:

      Hi Col. Ritz,
      I love what you said about our parents handling us this country on a silver platter. We have screwed up beyond comprehension. How we right it? I don’t know. But I cannot give up on it … intellectually or emotionally. I wonder if, no matter how good the intentions of a civilization are, that humans can only go so long before turning on themselves. History shows that this isn’t a new thing … civilizations, countries, ideologies, changing and eventually corrupting and ruining themselves. That might be the nature of the beast. Because man was born with more “free-will” than inalienable rights, and humans, being what they are, is it really only a matter of time before all civilizations fail? Wow, that is a big enchilada. I say that a few sentences after I say I won’t give up. You know, I wonder where the younger people are, whose interests are so at stake? Both Clinton and Trump are not young. They are of the generation that has screwed things up. There has to be someone from the next generation who has a a fresh perspective? I don’t know. It makes me eat Greek yogurt and hope for the best. Thank you so much for writing.


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