About 8 years ago, I decided I wanted to try my hand at painting.

I love the creative process and I try to take what I have learned in one form and see how it plays out in another.

I started with writing, which is what I still love most. But I had gotten to the point that I needed to be a beginner, again, in another endeavor. There is something about the learning process that I enjoy, I love to see possibilities, challenges and skill.

There was a part of me that held me back from doing such a thing. For a long part of my life, I thought that if I couldn’t get to be the best, I didn’t want to or shouldn’t try something.

That thought process is very limiting. It blocks you into a corner. And you become stale.

But there was a day, a time, when I finally threw the cape off and said, for crying out loud, “Just do it.”

I remember that first time I picked up a paintbrush and got paints out. All I wanted to do was to tell a bit of a story with paints … colors. I wanted to use paints and colors to express myself.

It was only after I released myself from the expectation of “masterpiece” creation, that I was able to just be myself on paper and canvas.

The feeling I had, was one of exhilaration. Aye eyes opened to a world that before, was psychologically closed off to me.

One painting led to another. For a year, I painted nearly everyday. I studied. I’d watch Youtube videos on artists and techniques. I bought books and went to museums and looked at the paintings differently. What strokes die the artistes use? What was his perspective? How did he edit his piece?

There were so many different styles. I became in awe of art. My palms sweat when I think of some of the paintings I have seen. The frescoes in Italy, the carved wood  and plasterwork and, oh, it goes on and on.

I tried different mediums. I did a couple of oil paintings, but mostly I stuck with watercolor, acrylics and one of my favorite mediums … markers.

After that year, life changed. I had a lot of paintings. I sold many, but still, how many paintings did I need?

My paintings were accepted at a gallery in New York, and a Columbus, Ohio gallery. But the logistics for the New York gallery, and cost factors, made that unfeasible for me. So, I sold mostly to people I know. I did have a man who owned a B&B, become a collector of my paintings. I finally quit selling my originals and have them hanging in my house.

The art world, like so many other things that have “value” or “perceived value,” is quite weird and manufactured. It is a game. By the time I began painting, I didn’t have the desire to play it.

I simply wanted to create. It was the process and the self-exploration that interested me.

Painting went on the back burner as my life took me in other directions. But recently, I have begun painting and creating patterns for fabric, as well as art for viewing.

Now, my writing and painting and creating, work together. I can tell more stories using words and art. It is fun.

I am going to be making a line of note cards and other items, using my art and words. It will take time. But that is in my noggin.

I will offer them through this website.

Right now, my hope is that you will not just look at my art and get a smile or laugh, but I hope by my telling and showing you what I have done, loosens up your creative mind and you realize that only the restrictions in your mind keep you from trying something new. Be it with a pencil, crayons, paints, paper, whatever, you CAN create. You CAN express yourself.

You CAN throw caution to the wind to try something new. You do NOT have to become a master. You simply need to engage. Engage in creating. Engage in your community. Engage in life.



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